Daniel Patilea

Daniel Patilea

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Who is Daniel Pațilea?

Daniel Pațilea is a guy from Romania. He fancies himself a code poet and a master chef. Day and night Daniel helps make the Internet better, or at least tries. He even sleeps once in a while. On this page you will find some infos and hidden facts about Daniel. His ego expects you to read into them.


Daniel Pațilea
+40 751 477 302
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hobbies & interests

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Technology Highschool

"Costache Conachi" Pechea

2006 - 2010

During Highschool Daniel was a computer repairman/debugger.
He loved that period of his life and he learned a lot of things at that time.

Lower Danube University

Computer Science - Computer Engineer

2010 - 2014

The college was the period of his early career and he fully enjoyed it. He did great things with his career and education.

PrestaShop Certified Developer

2013 - Present

Daniel got his Certification at Thecon in December 2013.

Lower Danube University

Advanced Information Technology

2014 - 2016

At this moment Daniel is studying TIA finished TIA and got his Master's degree.


SEO Link-Builder


2011 - 2012

Daniel had a great experience working in the world of SEO.

Web Developer


2012 - 2017

The WEB is the optimal environment for Daniel. He spend his days in different areas of Web Development from back-end programming to front-end engineering.

Prestashop Ambassador


2016 - Present

As an PrestaShop Ambassador, our pal Daniel got to the next level. He is on the Prestashop Official Forum where he helps peolple, he organizes meetups.

General Manager


2017 - Present


Prestashop is one of Dan's great skills. Since 2013, when he got his Prestashop Certification, he developed several templates and modules. He continues to improve his skill on this area.

One of Dan's favourite web technology is PHP.

Daniel eats JavaScript on breakfast and jQuery on dessert.

There are many Wordpress projects successfully created by Daniel. Some involved creating templates, modules or other different facilities.